Haul of the Day: The Face Shop

As I frequently remind myself, "When in Rome, do as Romans do." Whatever that means. I tend to interpret it as "Go with the flow." In the case of today, I found myself deep in the borough of Queens (far, far away from Astoria) so I did as as Koreans do.  That involved an epic trip to the one and only Spa Castle (review to come, think of a giant Las Vegas casino, without the gambling but WITH saunas, steam rooms and spa treatments galore), the carb-licious Kyorodang bakery and a jaunt through The Face Shop, where I snagged the beauty bounty above.

For just under $30, I picked up 5 single use cloth masks (love these - brightening, hydrating, soothing and more), a scrubby towel, makeup removing towelettes, 2 gorgeous nail lacquers and nail crystals (so that I can try to replicate my crazy adorned Sakura manicures at home!)

I'm not sure what made The Face Shop so mesmerizing, but I could have gone broke in this store.  Do you go gaga for foreign beauty products or am I a special snowflake?


Dana Storm said...

Girl you were right by my house! I also did a post on my blog about Spa Castle. How did you enjoy it?

Kristin Booker said...

Oooh! You know I love a good foreign skin product. It's like having a passport in the bathroom. :)

eye4style said...

Dana - Spa Castle was amazing, I definitely need to go back!

Kristin - I totally agree, I can't resist exploring different cultures through beauty!