New York Essential: Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloths

While living in New York has many perks, there are also a few negatives. Near the very top of that list is...filth.  Consistent, forced encounters with...filth. Among the leading offenders is the subway, where I spend, on average, an hour a day.  By the time I depart the N train, I'm ready for a shower.  But since that would make for some awkward office bathroom time, I'm left to rely on Shobha's new Rosewater Freshening Cloths ($9).

These gorgeous, rose-scented cloths remove city grime from my skin and leave me smelling like roses, quite literally.  They're safe for the MOST delicate parts of your body, ahem ladies, so feel free to keep these stashed in your purse, your desk or your bathroom.

You can snag Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloths online at or at Shobha locations citywide.