Oscar Glam: Sandra Bullock's Red Lip

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock's makeup look at last night's Oscars caused some minor dissent on Twitter.  For example, Jason Campbell, founder of JC Report, tweeted that her lipstick was "wearing her." Now, while I know that a bold lip is a bit much for some, I must respectfully disagree.

In case you're wondering (I was!), makeup artist Angela Levin for Chanel used CHANEL Rouge Coco Lip Colour in Paris to create this classically glam lip.  She finished Sandra's look by gently dabbing a bit of the same lipcolour on the apples of Sandra's cheeks - I love how the look is pulled together effortlessly with this little trick!

What do you think of Sandra Bullock's lip? Too much or just enough?


LaraRan said...

I also saw people commenting on it in disapproval. I love it! Her hair and the rest of her makeup is simple. Her dress is in a muted tone. This is the perfect combo for a bold lip that we've always been told to aim for! What more do people want!? You can't please everyone but for crying out loud she looks gorgeous!

Kristin Booker said...

I completely agree with you on this. Team Sandra and Chanel FTW. The lip was perfection. To say that someone's lip is "wearing them" is to imply that the shade simply sat on her face. I think it was a perfect gamine look for her and I think she looked simply stunning.

Oh, and yeah, gotta go get that Paris shade. I'm on a red lip kick.