What's in HER Bag? Tamar Anitai of Fashion Binge

Like any human being on planet earth, I love a good laugh. And if I can marry a good laugh with some fashion inspiration, I'm even happier. That's where the gals at Fashion Binge come in.  Penned by my pal Tamar Anitai (and her equally-as-delightful friend Catherine), this blog lives up to it's tagline, with "so much style, you'll want to vom."

Tamar and I are soul sisters when it comes to fashion details, in particular, jewelry and accessories (we love a good stud, what can I say?) So, I was particularly keen to sneak a peek inside her bag.  In her own (very colorful) words, here's what she's packing:

The bag itself is from Eryn Brinie. I love it because the studs are kind of subtle, but even empty, the bag is REALLY heavy. It isn't real leather (meaning I could afford it), and when I first got it, it smelled so chemically. It was like something that grew out of Three Mile Island or something. I thought I was going to air it out overnight on the porch I don't have -- the smell was THAT intense.


  • Wallet: It's kitschy and plastic (two of my favorite attributes!), by "Darling Dynasty," and I got it at Exit 9 (one of my favorite gift stores) after the turnlock on my Hayden-Harnett leather wallet broke, and they wouldn't fix it! So after that, I was like fuck it. I'm off leather wallets for a while.
  • Dooney & Bourke coin purse: My "work wallet," which holds my work ID, receipts, whatevs. Handy because it always has extra change or a surprise forgotten dollar!
  • Eyelash curler: I just bought a new one from Sephora. Still box fresh!
  • Raybans: ice blue!
  • Point cards: I have one for Sephora and one for Chop't. I get unnecessarily excited about accruing points. It's sad. I know I can eventually get a free salad, but I keep banking the Sephora points, and I don't even know what I can someday redeem them for. Like, perhaps if I rack up enough points, they'll make me the CEO or something? That'd rule.
  • Lipsticks and stuff: A SPRAYPEN hand sanitizer (gah! so smart!) I got when I did the Avon 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer this past October; my Laura Mercier black gold eyeliner; My Elie Faas bullet lipstick (blood red! BRILLIANT blue-red shade); Stila Kajal liner in Topaz -- my daytime liner -- it's like a big, fat, opaque nude/ peach and brightens and widens my eyes (seriously, if this is the ONLY liner you EVER buy, then it should be the only liner you ever buy); Maybelline Shine Sensational Watermelon Punch gloss, and this random but excellent lipbalm from Denim of Virtue. They make excellent denim AND a great lipbalm. Weird, right? Oh, and MAC "Way to Love." My biz-casual shade.
  • Hayden-Harnett coin purse: holds my subway card. My co-blogger, former roommate and all-around bestie Catherine gave me this as a bridesmaid gift. SCORE!
  • Aleve. So strong it oughta be illegal.
  • iPod and BIG-ASS HEADPHONES. Matador the beef jerky people sent me these. I have no idea why, but thanks! I had amazing Senneheiser ones that JUST broke when I tried to plug them into the headphone jack on a recent flight. SCREW YOU, CONTINENTAL AIRLINES! Oh, and to make matters worse, I plugged them in to watch The Blind Side. My time would've been better served watching two straight hours of local car dealership commercials or credit rating commercials or something. THAT'S how bad The Blind Side was.
  • Tiny Sanrio mirror: A little gift from my little sister!
  • Cloth-covered notebook: Got this at the Brooklyn King Con comic book festival when I volunteered there. I used to record my workouts when I was going to Crossfit somewhat regularly, but lately this thing's been enjoying a run on blank pages!
  • CO Bigelow lavender peppermint hand lotion -- because I be ashy!
  • Bowery Hotel pen -- I stayed there the night of my wedding, and don't think for ONE SECOND that I didn't walk off with every pen in the room.
  • Work Blackberry
  • Real-life Blackberry, because I'm paranoid work's reading my emails. This one is exclusively for texting, personal emails, and, of course, cat videos.


Read more of Tamar's genius and hilarity over at Fashion Binge and (some small entertainment site I've never heard of called) MTV Buzzworthy.


Catherine HG said...

Props, me! And boo on Hayden-Harnett! AND, OMG, I had no idea you have two Blackberrys. That's why you're on the shit all freakin' day and night! Also, did you ever think that once you get your eleventh salad free or whatever, you've spent like A HUNDRED DAMN DOLLARS at Chop't? Gah. Okay, comment binge complete.

Fasshonaburu said...

Oo, I love getting a glimpse into other people's purses.