Cheap Thrill: Suave Mango Mandarin Body Wash

As discussed many times on this blog, I'm an equal opportunity lover of all things beautiful. Simply put, the price tag on an item doesn't dictate how much I'll love it, instead I focus on the EXPERIENCE, which is, unfortunately, where many inexpensive products fall short.

Not Suave's new Mango Mandarin Body Wash, though. This luscious new shower gel boasts mandarin and mango extracts, which infuse it with a zesty, refreshing scent, ripe for Spring mornings. It's also chock-full of vitamin E, which leaves skin gently conditioned. And at just $3.49 for a generous 12 ounce bottle, you'll have enough dough left over to delegate to a seasonal style refresh.

Snag this at drugstores nationwide or online at

FTC Disclosure: I recently attended a launch event to celebrate Suave's Mango Mandarin Body Wash, where the brand plied me with themed cocktails, a hand massage and a mango and mandarin candy bar. They obviously know the way to my heart. That said, all reviews are unbiased. If I wouldn't BUY a product with my hard-earned money, I won't write about it.


Fasshonaburu said...

your disclosure rocks

eye4style said...

Ha, thanks lady - I had fun writing it ;)