File Under "Why Wasn't I Invited to This?": Clive Owen at the Launch of BVLGARI MAN

My pal Amber over at Beauty Blogging Junkie and I were recently chatting about our greatest man loves in the celebrity space (HELLO, Seth Meyers. HELLO, Andy Samberg.) and near the top of both of our lists, respectively, is Brit actor Clive Owen.  We're in agreement that he is unequivocally a MAN, not a boy, and THAT Is unequivocally SEXY. Yes.

Apparently, there are others in the world who agree with us (who knew?) as none other than Clive Owen is the face of Bulgari's newest fragrance BVLGARI MAN. Last night he celebrated the launch at the Bulgari Hotel garden in Milan (above) and frankly, it's a good thing that this event was in Italy, because if it had been in New York, I would have been tempted to party crash - and that's never good form.

Would any celebs inspire YOU to party crash? Do tell!



Kristin Booker said...

Sweet Baby James is he hot. Agreed: party crashing would have been the way of the day had this been in our fair NYC.

Brent M said...

I must say that tie Clive Owen is wearing is amazing. Would do well with a nice polished tie clip.