Put a Ring On It: Tiffany & Co.'s New iPhone App

Like many woman, I like to fancy myself as one-of-a-kind (oh, the irony.) And one of the things that makes me unique in my peer group is my complete lack of interest in getting married. I've never (no, not once) envisioned what that day might look like for me, what dress I might wear or which cake I might choose (surprising, because I really do like dresses and cakes, for the record.)

That said, there's ONE thing that I really love about marriage.  And that's the jewelry. I recently asked David Yurman, perhaps THE most iconic American jewelry designer, if there was such a thing as a diamond that's "too big."  He told me, unequivocally, NO, there's no such thing. Bless his heart. And while the folks at Tiffany & Co. sell all sizes of diamonds, suited to almost any budget, I'd be inclined to guess that they'd agree.

So, for all the women who love diamond rings and for all the men who need to learn more about buying diamond rings, the new Tiffany & Co. iPhone application releases tomorrow. It allows women to browse and build rings to their heart's content (can you think of a better way to pass time on the N train? I surely cannot.) and it enables men to get a clearer understanding of the process, as well as an idea of what their budget will buy them before getting in store.

Here's how it works:

Staying true to their brand's heritage and rightfully so, it's important to note that the Tiffany & Co. app does not allow mobile shopping. Seal the deal by making an appointment for an in-store or phone consultation.

Download the app tomorrow - it's free -  at the iTunes App Store and if you need a little inspiration:

FTC Disclosure: I attended a preview of the Tiffany & Co. iPhone application at Tiffany's 5th Avenue flagship. In addition to a lovely gift and a delicious spread of food, they plied with me with Tiffany Blue lollipops and cookies.  I also left with a Tiffany Blue flash drive, which you're welcome to envy from afar.