Wardrobe Workhorse: The Stud Earring

As a lover of statement jewelry, it often surprises friends when I own up to my obsession with delicate, baby stud earrings. As you'll see below, I have at least a dozen pairs - some classic (Tacori diamond studs) and some quirky (tiny safety pins by Giles & Brother.) The reason for my obsession? Style is all about BALANCE - the balance of color, silhouettes and most importantly, proportions. In short?

  • Statement necklace? Perfect with a baby stud!
  • Delicate, long pendant? Try it paired with a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings.
  • Multiple cocktail rings? Avoid bracelets all together.


And though the most stylish people I know tend to disregard rules left and right,  for ME, this guiding principle of balance is what I think about every morning when I'm getting dressed.

Are there any style principles that you abide by when it comes to jewelry? Do tell in the comments!