One of These Things Is Not Like the Other; One of These Things Does Not Belong

In case it weren't clear from the rampant appearance of bold, bright lippies in my OOTD posts, I consider my lips and nails to be accessories. I love nothing more than adding an insanely bright (say pink) lippie or neon (perhaps purple?) manicure to an otherwise neutral look for a little pop and a little shock.

A great example? Today's manicure...which includes a single accent nail in a bold, bright neon blue.  Ridiculous? Mayhaps. (I did have to answer more than one "Are you sure?" question at the salon!) But this little splash of color brings a smile to my face whenever I look down - and you really can't ask for more than that from a mani, can you?

Base Color: M·A·C Cosmetics Wham, Glam, Bam (from Riveting, no longer available - note that this is actually a matte polish, however I had a normal glossy topcoat applied over it.)

Accent Color: Milani Dude Blue


Kristin Booker said...

I absolutely love this look! Work it!

districtofchic said...

Love that color! I actually contemplated buying something similar the other day!

theartofaccessories said...

I actually do the same thing and a lot of times it will be one nail with a glitter polish. It started because I'm too lazy to do all 10 nails in glitter (who wants to remove that mess? not me) and then I just liked doing contrasting colors. The little things make you happiest.