OOTD: An Auspicious Debut

By this time, it's redundant to talk about my love of ridiculous shoes.  So, let's instead discuss the fact that I've now purchased two items (not one...TWO) after seeing them on Whitney Port, live and in person. Embarrassing, right? Frankly, I can think of few things MORE humiliating in life.

But I digress. These shoes, regardless of what C-list celebrity I first spotted them on, are splendiferous.  They're Miu Miu, they're oxfords, and they are simply COVERED in glitter.  Yesterday, I let them make their debut (95 degree weather be damned).  Head to toe:

  • Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses

  • Uniqlo Blazer (no longer available)

  • T Alexander Wang Tank (no longer available, shop similar styles here)

  • Made Her Think Row of Sirens Cuff

  • Hudson Collin Skinny Jeans (alternate wash here)

  • Miu Miu Glitter Oxfords in Anthracite (not available online)

  • Balenciaga Giant City in Outremer (no longer available; other colors here)


Have you snagged any "as seen on" items lately?


theartofaccessories said...

Seriously, those Miu Miu oxfords are so sick it doesn't matter who you saw them on or what you wear them with. They're magical goodness! LOL

loveatfirstshop said...

I love fun shoes too! And those are very, very fun.

Ella M said...

Those ARE ridiculous - GOOD ridiculous. :-) I also love the B bag's color.