Cheap Thrill: KamaliKulture Square Cat Eye Sunglasses

Fashion confession time. My name is Dina and I'm a sunglasses ADDICT. In fact, I've acquired no fewer than four pairs already this season, by Elizabeth and James, Oliver Peoples, House of Harlow and most recently, KamaliKulture (see the snazzy Square Cat Eye shades seen above!)

In case you're not familiar, KamaliKulture is a new collection of timeless, classic styles (think high-quality, smart suiting separates and versatile, wear EVERYWHERE jersey dresses), all under $100, from fashion industry icon and all-around power woman Norma Kamali. Now, Norma's created MANY a design signature in her day, from Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit (now in the Smithsonian!) to the Sleeping Bag Coat, the All-in-One Tunic/Dress and soooo many more. BUT among my many NK favorites has long been her signature Square Cat Eye sunglasses. Impeccably designed, entirely classic and ultra lightweight, these babies recently launched (among a myriad of other classic eyewear styles!) in the KamaliKulture collection for an ENTIRELY affordable and borderline irresistable $98.

Let's not discuss how much I've paid for sunglasses elsewhere, and let's instead remember that smart, empowered women make smart choices with their money. Start with your shades (baby steps, my friends), and shop KamaliKulture eyewear here!