Unveiled! Jean Paul Gaultier's Bottle Designs for Diet Coke

The legendary/notorious Jean Paul Gaultier was recently announced as Creative Director for Diet Coke, news which felt (to me) like a PR stunt if I've ever seen one. BUT ignore my jaded attitude and instead, embrace the uniquely delightful ‘Night & Day’ themed Diet Coke bottles, designed by JPG and revealed today.  Each pays pays homage to Gaultier’s infamous designs - Day, with a chic nautical theme and Night with a little cha, cha, cha, lace and fishnet.

The ‘Night & Day’ bottles are available across nine countries in Europe starting now. And stay tuned, to complete the collection, a third limited-edition bottle will be launched later in the year - a ‘Tattoo’ design inspired by Gaultier’s love of body art.

One thing's for sure, these bottles are simply too pretty to even THINK about recycling - Earth Month be damned.