So Cute You'll Want to Physically Harm Yourself: Cynthia Rowley BAND-AID® Brand Beach Sport Kit

When I heard that designer Cynthia Rowley had again collaborated with BAND-AID Brand, I got...a little excited. After all, her previous collection of designer Band-Aids was so, so adorable, I actually found myself wishing for minor mishaps. That's reasonable, right? I mean, what other bandage can also serve as a viable fashion accessory?

But I digress.

Rowley's latest play with Band-Aid is the limited edition Beach Sport Kit, which includes 20 waterproof bandage strips in various prints (the seahorse and jellyfish are particularly delightful - I love a critter), along with four packets of Neosporin, all tucked into a sleek, waterproof zip pouch. “We started out joking about what you would need a bandage for on the beach. That’s where the jellyfish and shark’s teeth prints came from.” Rowley said. The Beach Sport Kit makes PERFECT sense for the designer, as she herself is an avid surfer  - she even sells chic colorblocked wetsuits for the style-conscious surfer girl.

You'll clearly want one of these genius little kits for your beach tote, so snag the Cynthia Rowley BAND-AID Beach Sport Kit online for $6.99 at