#FollowFriday: @chrissyteigen

As an avid tweeter, I'm hereby instituting a new feature on eye4style - #FollowFriday. Inspired by the Twitter meme of the same name, I'll be calling out a single, must-follow account weekly, and it's only approp that I kick things off with one of my favorites, @ChrissyTeigen.

Best known for being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model AND John Legend's fiancee (try not to hold those two things against her, ladies), Chrissy really KILLS IT on Twitter, sharing general stream-of-conciousness hilarity and taking on haters directly. She's particularly brutal to those with bad grammar, and for that we love her.

Notably, Chrissy's tweets are likely to make you incredibly hungry, which is odd for a swimsuit model, but she's actually an avid chef, and more importantly, an avid EATER (for more on that, read her blog So Delushious - it's incredible.)

Follow Chrissy Teigen on Twitter here: