Natural Beauty vs. Cosmetic Perfection: Growing Old Gracefully

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How To Look Good... Naturally? When it comes to the way people look, there seems to be no getting around the fact that Western society is practically obsessed. Within the areas of advertising and the media (and let's not forget the ripple effect this has on almost every man, woman and child on the street) we are all at least subconsciously bound to pursue the quest for aesthetic perfection. For some, cosmetic surgery will provide the answer; but in as many other cases, natural beauty - and the acceptance of flaws - is revered over the cosmetically enhanced. Indeed, UK skincare giants, Dove, market their entire product range on this very ideal. But whichever method of cosmetic enhancement you choose (if indeed any) each path to perfection could come with a hefty price. Ergo, a celebration of natural beauty can often mean less heartache and disappointment in the long run, but what of those who feel (or are made to feel) anything but beautiful in their own skin? For some, the price tag of cosmetic enhancement will never become an obstacle that cannot be tackled - for whether or not it's affordable will come much further down the list than any other more pressing consideration.

Which is the Easier Route to Perfection? This is a question that has several answers! No matter what you read about whichever method, there will be a myriad of stories to back up each claim of 'satisfaction guaranteed' regarding those 'visible results' (whether naturally or surgically enhanced). Natural beauty doesn't necessarily mean doing as little as possible for your looks and leaving the rest to nature - what it usually means is investing in the very best skincare products, eating a very healthy diet, and undertaking a number of different exercise routines and schedules, all of which can require a considerable amount of effort and willpower - and cost a lot of money. As an option, this form of natural beauty is often overlooked as an expensive and time consuming route when measured against 'quick fix' cosmetic enhancement - though, all things considered, either way will very likely cost the same. That said, the pursuit of natural beauty is sometimes seen as an enhancement of a person's character, as well as their figure and face, and society still holds up the person who can accept and make the most of themselves, no matter what nature endowed them with.

Cosmetic Enhancement: The Ultimate Quick Fix? It's true to say that cosmetic enhancement has received a deluge of negative press in recent years, but what about the many positive aspects of what this type of surgery (or enhancement) can do for your confidence, self-esteem and quality of life over what it costs you financially? Society is quick to label cosmetic surgery as the route most often taken by the idle rich (or not so rich) in their bid to attain physical perfection, but there are many cases where the physical changes are so slight as to be minimal, but the results, in contrast, have maximum positive impact on a person's well being. There are some incredible modern procedures that don't come with hefty price tags, or days of pain and discomfort. Indeed, they are sometimes so subtle as to be quite unnoticeable to the naked eye, yet they can do wonders for a person's confidence. The following provides just a few examples:

  • Derma Fillers: This is a method used to fill out deep creases, lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, mouth and nose and are a worthy contestant to those who don't wish to spend a fortune on lotions and potions.
  • Facial Contouring: This is a method that could signal the end of surgical face lifts, and is sometimes known as the 'liquid face lift'. Sunken cheeks and other subtle contours of the face can all be enhanced.

These as well as other modern cosmetic enhancements are leading the way in how society is changing its attitude to cosmetic surgery. Once the privilege of the rich and famous, it is certainly becoming more affordable and is slowly losing its badge of 'lazy route to looking good'.

More than Just a Price Tag: It's easy to place the burden of choosing cosmetic surgery over natural beauty on the price tag it comes with; but if you're so unhappy with how you look, then this is a huge issue to consider. On the one hand, if you're lucky enough to have the ageing gracefully gene, you won't be too troubled about what time will do to your natural beauty and looks, but for others, a nip and tuck now can mean that their enjoyment of life is enhanced as much as their looks. Surely, it's all about what's right for you, regardless of how it might hit your pocket and in spite of what others might think. Just remember, they're not perfect either!

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