Breaking: The Lookmatic Loeffler Randall Collaboration Requires Your Attention


Loeffler Randall's pretty much my kryptonite, as any of my followers on Pose will attest. SO, the new single style sunglass collaboration created in partnership with Lookmatic has required pretty much every IOTA of my attention this morning. 

The limited edition Kitty is a, wait for it...'50's-inspired cat eye, texturized and modernized by designer Jessie Randall in horn, with leather covering. And while most high-end sunglasses now fall into the range of $300-$400, Lookmatic's sunnies are planted reasonably at the $130 price point. If my memory serves me correctly, you can even knock 20% off that number with code SPEXY20, bringing the final cost down to a fully reasonable, easily justifiable $104. Full stop, people.

p.s. Stay tuned for a special partnership I'm launching with Lookmatic in the coming weeks!