Guest #Leo Correspondent: Tamar Anitai of Fashion Binge

My astrologically-themed Holiday Gift Guide will roll on, but not without one last suggestion for and FROM a fellow Leo lady, my dear friend Tamar of Fashion Binge. I'll let her speak for herself:

I'm also a Leo-ness like my star sign sister Dina. We enjoy, deserve and DEMAND not only the finer things in life but the fine-EST things in life. Like $39,000 backpacks (Ed. note: OH THE ROW). Too dear? Too bad, because Leos NEVER hear the word "no," (that's why Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are still in business). But we do like options. Thankfully Leo ladies are resourceful, and while we'll never settle, we do have generous hearts with room enough for all God's handbags, like this $199 leather backpack from a-thread. And, since we're quick to benevolently remind you that we like to give as much as receive, we're pleased to inform you that a-thread does both -- the new online boutique gives 5% of every sale to charity. Because we were put on this planet to share our creativity, beauty, and brilliance we Leos tend to suck at math (if you ever go out to dinner with a bunch of Leos, plan on being tasked with figuring out the check and tip), but according to our Leo calculator, that's a savings of $33,801, which you can use to buy us... more handbags.

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