On the Increasing Malleability of Price Thresholds, and Also, These Fendi Pumps

Recently, I found myself chatting with a friend about the increasing malleability of price thresholds, meaning the absolute cap you've self-imposed when buying a category of fashion. My thresholds do differ from category to category (panties are no classic Burberry trench, you see), but across the board, it's been a slippery slope since I was a lowly FIT student and wouldn't spend more than $100 on a pair of shoes.

In short, the moment you cross a previously perceived price ceiling, it's all downhill, cherry's popped, it no longer feels out-of-the-question to spend, say, $1,295 on the Fendi Layered Pyramid Stud Heel Pump seen above (price ceiling in question being $1,000+ pre-tax).

Now, don't get me wrong, even I will own up to the fact that these are a splurge by the truest definition. After all, no woman in the world needs a pair of $1,295 shoes, and in particular, a pair that resembles, vaguely, a dinosaur comprised of Legos.

But love is love, you guys, and sometimes, love is impractical.

Any price thresholds you'll own up to, particularly in the category of footwear?