To Your Skin's Rescue: Kiehl's

Last week was pretty much a week that I'd rather forget, for a myriad of reasons. And at the bottom of that list (though it would normally lie at the top) is the havoc wreaked on my skin by copious amounts of travel, and even greater amounts of stress.

Thankfully, Kiehl's newest product - Skin Rescuer - landed on my desk at a particularly opportune moment. This unique product is designed specifically to reduce the visible signs of stress on skin - which, by the by, include dryness, blotchiness and redness (eep!)

Skin Rescuer can be used in a few different ways (even as a primary moisturizer), but how I've found it most effective is as either a "spot treatment" for excessively dehydrated areas or as essentially a primer to the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer I use daily.

The impact is immediate in terms of hydration and a certain sense CALMNESS. Think of Skin Rescuer as the equivalent of a Hatha yoga class for your dermis.

Shop Skin Rescuer online - a bottle is $40 - at