The Cast System: 5 Things I've Learned From a Broken Wrist

Last week, I was feeling particularly self-congratulatory after choosing to take the subway home - so frugal! - one night after a friend's birthday party instead of my usual cab. Congratulatory, that is, until a very hurried and thereby I am assuming very IMPORTANT man slammed into me abruptly on a subway staircase, knocking me down a flight of stairs, bruising my sternum and breaking my wrist in the process.

My ER visit was miserable and the pain excruciating, of course, (I'm a big baby in part because I've never broken a bone at all), but if possible, the subsequent annoyances have been even greater. The large splint on my arm will stay put for at least two more weeks, in lieu of a cast, so I suppose I'm lucky in that capacity. But you try washing your hair, putting on a bra or typing on an actual keyboard with just one functioning arm, it's tragic. 

What I've learned along the way:

Patience is a virtue. I'm forced to acknowlege this mainly because doing even normal things, LIKE OH SAY CRAFTING THIS BLOG POST, now take me an eternity. Efficiency is what I miss most.

Some things are just better left to professionals. The nicest moment in my friendship with Amber happened this week- she handed me her emergency Drybar coaster (that's a gift card, for the uninitiated) and said "Here, you need this." And she was right (she also came up with the title of this blog post - thanks, A!) Bangs definitely require two hands. Even better if they are not my own.

Sleeves are the enemy. Seriously, good luck trying to put those on over an above-the-elbow splint. (So, don't neglect those tris, just in case.)

Few things in life are easier than a maxi dress. Particularly when fastenings are unmanageable and you're forced to shave with your non-dominant hand.

Lower lash mascara is just not that important. I'm lucky that I can put on tinted moisturizer, concealer, and highlighter - let me not push my luck.