Spa at Home Sunday: Getting Serum Specific

When the clock struck midnight last night, another birthday ended and a new year began. And while I wish I could be a balls-to-the-wall feminist about aging, the harsh reality is that getting older makes me feel...well...old.

Obviously, there isn't much that I can do about ACTUALLY aging, but thankfully, there's a LOT that I can do to combat the signs of aging, e.g. skincare. And uncoincidentally, my latest beauty obsessions happen to all be serums, as they pack POTENT doses of active ingredients and light, easily-absorbed textures that are friendly to the season at hand. I hate to play favorites, my friends, but sometimes we must:

  • Kinara's Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum ($75, the lightest of the bunch, and smells fresh and crisp to boot. I apply post-toner (as I try to do with all serums) and pre-tinted moisturizer in the AM for hydration, exfoliation and anti-aging thanks to the inclusion of lactic acid, glycolic acid and extracts of algae, burdock, chamomile, sage and green tea in the ingredients list.
  • Mario Badescu releases new products on glaringly rare occasions, so when they do, it's guaranteed that years of research, product development and testing went into them. Newest to their frills-free and efficacious line is the Peptide Renewal Serum ($45,, released in conjunction with the Peptide Renewal Cream. Formulated specifically for very dry and/or mature skin, my combination, slightly-less-mature skinned self simply couldn't resist it. So, on evenings that I'm feeling particularly dry, I warm 1-2 drops between my palms and press into my skin for serious replenishment.
  • While not technically a "serum", Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($46, is serious business. Scented with Lavendar Essential Oil, and thereby designed (aromathematically speaking) for integration into your pre-bedtime rituals, this light concentrate delivers intense INSTA-GLOW in a way that few other products can promise. Blame the Evening Primrose Oil, if you must.

Have you integrated any serums into your skincare regimen?