Because We Can't All Be Cara: NARS Brow Gel

Much has been made, and rightfully so, of model Cara Delevinge's brows (take this GIF tutorial from The Cut yesterday, for one). They're bold, they're lush, and they boast just a hint of wildness - the kind of imperfect perfection that tends to pique the carnal curiosity of men (if ya know what I mean). 

BUT, friends, let's face facts - we can't all be Cara, so for the rest of us, there's NARS new Brow Gel. A glossy, easy gliding formula, designed to tame and groom brows, Brow Gel includes just the right amount of color - enough to fill in any sparse, overplucked zones (raise your hand if you're guilty). Just two swipes through - one per brow -  and pair with a bold lip for a look that's inspired by Cara but uniquely you.

NARS Brow Gel, available in 4 shades, $22