Straight Up Sexy: How Boiron's Arnica Gel + Vitamin E Oil Saved My Wrist

In my long journey from broken wrist to recovery to broken wrist to surgery to...recovery, I was surprised to discover a dearth of easy-to-digest information on the 'net. Instead had to rely on good, old fashioned word of mouth - advice from friends and the Twitterspehere at large. And while those people tend to agree on few things, the consensus in this rare instance was that coming out of a bone break and/or surgery, there are TWO easy-to-find and inexpensive products that will rapidly join the ranks of Percocet as your very favories:

  • Boiron's Arnica Gel: I was already obsessed with this French company's Oscillococcinum, a curious homeopathic concoction designed to combat flu symptons - it does, magically - so when I spied their Arnica Gel, I knew I had to pick it up. A classic natural remedy to bruising, swelling and pain, I credit Boiron's Arnica Gel with reducing the significant bruising I had post-surgery, and I continue to use it daily (particularly pre- and post-workout) to bring down inflammation and dull any lingering pain. I'm told that if I had taken in conjunction with the Arnica Pellets, I would have been in even better shape. (Don't make my mistakes!)
  • It doesn't get much simpler than the small bottle of Vitamin E Oil I purchased at Duane Reade. This thick iteration has proved effective at fighting the fresh scarring I have on both my wrist and hand - I massage in a small amount 3-4 times a day, or whenever I remember, and though still new, my scars are looking minimal.