Highlights for the Immutable: Baci di Sole at De Berardinis

After one too many - ok, two too many - experiments with my hair last year - going ombre and cutting a graduated bob, I've spent the last twelve months just trying to desperately get back to where I was. It's been an exercise in patience, and I've invested more money in Biotin and Viviscal than you can imagine. My hair is just now on the CUSP of being long again, and I'm so thankful. At the same time, even a fixed sign like me (I'm a Leo, unsurprisingly) needs a wee bit of change to keep things interesting, hence my recent trip to Flatiron's De Berardinis Salon.

At De Berardinis, they offer unique Baci di Sole highlights. Based on a technique imparted in Milan by world renowned hair disciple Aldo Coppola, this fast, natural looking lightening method delivers that inexplicably sexy, highly sought after, "rooty" look - essentially replicating the effects of hair that has been naturally drenched and lightened by the sun after, oh say, summering on the Mediterranean. Since I have yet to summer on the Mediterranean, I'm wholly grateful for the subtle, sunkissed glow (seen above in a #salonselfie) imparted by Adrian, the salon's owner.

Baci di Sole, often referred to as the "Sunkissed" service, is exclusive to De Berardinis Salons. To book an appointment, call 212.967.0927 or to see Baci di Sole in action, check out this vid on YouTube.