How About We... Let E. Jean Carroll Set Us Up?

By all accounts, I'm a pretty together woman, guys. I have a career that I love, a wide social circle, diverse interests, my own apartment, lots of designer shoes, blah, blah, blah. But like many women - particularly New York women - I have a life "blind spot," if you will, and that's clearly relationships. After years of dating - and trust me, I DATE - I'm no closer to finding a solid partner than I was when I was a MUCH more marketable woman in my late 20's. A solid third-party intervention was required.

Enter the HowAboutWe-powered ELLE Dating and the brilliant, witty, vivacious, I'd-trust-her-with-my-life-if-she'd-let-me E. Jean Carroll. For those not yet indoctrinationed, Carroll is the long-running (20 years!) advice columnist for ELLE Magazine and best known for dispensing no nonsense, clever and empowering commentary on life, love and relationships. Clearly, a woman well-equipped, nay BEST-equipped to find me, if not a relationship, a solid start to one.

The ELLE Matchmaking process was simple. E. Jean and I connected first via email and then via phone. We chatted not only about what I was looking for in a man - we've all got a list, ladies, admit it - but more tellingly (I discovered later) about ME, my lifestyle, my interests. And that was clearly where the magic lied. A week or so later, I received a curious, mysterious email from E. Jean outlining my first date - an afternoon rendezvous in front of Van Gogh's Starry Night this past Saturday.

Now, a lady never kisses and tells, but I will say that Saturday's date was easily the best I've had in recent memory. Handsome, accomplished, interesting and complete with an Italian accent, Mr. F and I had a CURIOUS amount of things in common - all thanks to E. Jean's careful orchestration and ELLE Matchmaking's high-touch, bespoke approach to online dating.

As I often say, there's something to be said for leaving things to an expert, friends.

ELLE Dating subscriptions are priced by month or as six or twelve month packages, while ELLE Matchmaking's services are $499. For that premium, you'll gain access not only to E. Jean's stable of (sexy, sexy!) bachelors, but more importantly, her expertise and incredible filter. 

Absorb E. Jean's wisdom on and via Twitter, and learn more about ELLE Matchmaking- sign up for an adventure, do it! - here.