More = Better: The Relaunch of NIVEA Body

I'm not a particularly value-driven consumer, though I do believe firmly in the adage that more of a good thing is just better. Take, for example, the recent redesign of NIVEA Body by renowned industrial designer Yves Behar. 

Inspired by the iconic (and dare I say revered!) little blue tin of NIVEA Creme, the new look is sleek and unmistakeable. Best of all - particularly as we head into winter - many of the repackaged NIVEA Body products now boast 25% more product. That's 25% more hydration, and 25% more goodness (in case you're keeping score).

See more on the NIVEA redesign by Yves Behar here and shop NIVEA Body products at your local drugstore.

While all opinions expressed are my own, I am part of NIVEA's Digital Influencer Network.