Your Seasonal PSA: Laser Hair Removal

Source: Pinterest

Surf, sun and sand await this summer, and I'm here for all of it. In fact, I've got my first beach day of the season planned for Sunday, assuming the weather holds! Of course, as temps rise, there are a few beauty-related PSAs that must be issued, and if you're like me and currently undergoing laser hair removal, you've gotta be extra cautious about sun exposure. Some kind reminders:

  • Any areas being treated by laser need to remain as close to your natural skin color as possible - even extended sun exposure with sunscreen can lead to a tan or a burn, so cover up! 
  • If you're planning a vacation, or like me, are simply endlessly tempted by the thought of a tan, ensure that you stay out of the sun for a minimum of 2 weeks following laser treatment.
  • Even Sunless Tanner must be removed completely from your skin before treatment. I made this mistake last summer and was promptly reprimanded and sent on my (hairy) way by (the otherwise lovely) Jen at Pulse Laser -wah!

For more on intel on why lasers and the sun don't mix, visit Pulse Laser's blog here!