Spa at Home Sunday: Perricone MD Chloro Plasma

Sundays are simultaneously the best and worst day of the week for me. Best, because I do my best to either make the greatest plans ever or no plans at all, and worst, because HELLO MONDAY YOU ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Sunday night beauty rituals and TV (Game of Thrones finale + Penny Dreadful tonight!) are a welcome routine to level set before what's likely to be a wild and wacky work week begins.

In full disclosure, masks are among my beauty kryptonite, so it's hard to call out a FAVORITE, much in the way that it's hard as a grown woman to have a singular best friend. As Mindy Kaling once said, "Best friend isn't a person, it's a tier." So, basically, that. THAT is exactly how I feel about masks. Now that I've digressed for two paragraphs, let's talk about a mask that sits within that tier of bests, Perricone MD's Chloro Plasma.

New and thereby automatically interesting to me, Chloro Plasma bills itself as an anti-aging mask, and that's great, because frankly, I COULD stand to look/be younger. But more importantly, this mask boasts, like many Perricone products, oddly magical, radiance-inducing qualities that are hard to put your finger on. I slather on a generous fingerful, above, about once a week and let this mask work it's magic. It turns pleasingly Elphaba-like green, thanks to the Phytonutrient-enriched Microcapsules including Blue Green Algae and Watercress, and when rinsed off after 15-20 minutes, skin looks abundantly fresh and radiant, and somehow purified, even after just one application.

Miracles are few and far between in skincare, but Chloro Plasma comes close to feeling miraculous.

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