A Culmination of My Many Interests: DANNIJO's #Boxerina Collection

I'm prone to extremities in a many ways, and fitness is no exception. While I've been sidelined since those miserable wrist breaks and my subsequent surgery last year, boxing was a serious interest prior (and now, again) - and real boxing too, downtown at Trinity Boxing Club on Greenwich. No workout has ever made me feel more powerful.  Since my injury, however, I've been left to ballet-inspired workouts including barre and Chaise Fitness' Ballet Bungee. Likewise, I've been (via the very good cultural influence of a great friend) been attending more dance performances - at the New York City Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre and beyond.  

What strikes me most about both ballet and boxing is the strength and precision required by both - and while dancers have an unmatched grace among athletes, let's not sell short how nimble a skilled boxer must be to evade his opponent. I could write a dissertation on this subject, to be honest, and clearly, DANNJO agrees -  taking inspiration from both boxing and ballet to create #Boxerina, a new collection debuted in February during Fashion Week.

Just launched, Boxerina is accompanied by a mini film featuring dancers from the 
American Ballet Theatre wearing the collection with a voice-over by legendary sports photographer Neil Leifer.  Designer sibs Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder Morel were inspired by the power and emotion behind the fluidity and movement of boxing and ballet and the juxtaposition of the sports.  This plays out beautifully in the Fall/Winter collection - it's feminine but tough, bold yet elegant.

Misty Necklace, $745

Check out the video above, and explore the Boxerina collection here.