Danger Ahead: Joya Foxglove

In terms of fragrances, I sit somewhere between a loyalist and a dabbler. There are scents that have been in my personal rotation for years - Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower, for example - and others that I pick up on a whim and spray only when the mood strikes. In recent months, I've been weirdly committed to a fragrance that's barely a fragrance at all, Philosophy's gorgeous Baby Grace, a QVC exclusive. But Baby Grace is a delicate and light skin scent, and as the weather grows colder in New York (and colder it seems to grow by the minute), I find myself craving something new - a scent with more dimension that's not overwhelming.

Enter Foxglove. The fourth perfume from boutique Brooklyn fragrance house Joya, Foxglove is named for the odorless and "pseudo-poisonous" Foxglove plant that once covered New York City and still blooms in Central Park's Conservancy Garden.  With top notes of Blood Orange, Salt Meadow Grass, and Hyacinth Leaves; middle notes of Honeyed Jasmine, Camellia and Jonquille and a dry down of Treaty Oak, White Cedar and Wild Musk, it's a unique hybrid of floral, green and woody notes that evoke a feeling of lushness - bursting stems, stamens and leaves. 

A Net-a-Porter exclusive, Foxglove is available in a 75mL Parfum for $112 (the bottle is wildy gorgeous), or as a portable 10mL Roll On Parfum for $28 (seen above).