They're Here, The Leather Joggers You've/I've Always Wanted.

On Sunday, I cleaned out my closet in advance of fall. Out came the boots, the cashmere sweaters and, yes, the leather pants. Pants, plural, in my case, as I had at that particular moment, no fewer than seven pairs. One day later, these glorious leather joggers arrived from Athleta, and that number had risen to eight.

Part of the really exceptional Derek Lam collaboration that released just last week, these ultra-soft leather joggers are slightly cropped and thereby perfect for shorties like me. They're also, and yes I am self-aware enough to understand how ridiculous this sounds, a total steal at just $398. Now, $398 may be a lot for a pair of pants, but it's NOT a lot for a pair of leather pants - in fact, I had long been eyeing this pair from Vince at a cool $1,150, but when I tried them on, I looked like I had a serious case of FUPA. Not the case with the much less expensive Atheta pair - hallelejuh!

You can fully expect to see me wearing these at least once a week all fall and winter, and with everything from oversize cashmere sweaters to boxy silk tops like this girl from IRO. If you're so inclined, shop here - size XS is already sold out, so I'd suggest moving fast.