Cleaning Out Your Closet? 3 Places I Sell Clothing + Accessories

Like so many of you, I've spent much of the past year on an endless #KonMari-induced purge.  And like many of you, while I was happy to throw away and donate plenty of clothing, shoes, and accessories, I've also tried to maximize the purging experience and make a little dough from my fashion mistakes. I've had a lot of friends in real life ask me where to sell, so I thought I'd recap for readers as well.

  • eBay is where I go to sell electronics, and also designer merchandise including handbags and shoes (I've been selling a LOT of shoes since I started working at Christian Louboutin). While the experience on eBay can be tedious (ughhghghgh eBay buyers!) and the final selling fees a bit high, I find that almost everything I expect to sell on eBay does, and sometimes for more than I was expecting.  For example, I always list my iPhone when I upgrade to a newer model and they'll generally sell within an hour (yes, an hour) at a Buy-it-Now price that negates the price I paid for the upgrade. Boom! Just ensure that you include high quality images and a detailed description of your item, including any flaws. This rule applies to selling on any online forum.
  • Poshmark is a fashion-specific app, with an active and engaged community of "Poshers." On Poshmark, I list primarily accessories including shoes, handbags and jewelry from more contemporary brands.  I've listed a few items of clothing as well, but stylized, on body images tend to work best for clothing and I'm a little lazy for that. I've had a great experience on Poshmark overall - the selling experience is easy peasy from listing to shipping (you'll use the prepaid Priority Mail label Poshmark delivers to your inbox immediately following a sale).  They take a 20% fee on all final sales, and Poshers DO like to bargain. Expect to negotiate and pad your asking prices accordingly. The online consigment space overall is hot - there are a LOT of sites that specialize in everything from designer (Vaunte or Tradesy) to more mass brands (think Thred Up) but I've found that Poshmark has the most active community. Follow my closet here, if you're so inclined!
  • Buffalo Exchange is where I take items that I deem too complicated to sell on the internet (again, I'm lazy). I sell at the East Village store (it's on East 11th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenues) regularly and have come to know the buyers and vice versa. This helps! My attitude walking into Buffalo Exchange is essentially "something is better than nothing." This is where I take items I'd otherwise donate, for the most part, and anything that they don't buy, I leave with them to donate or walk to East Village Thrift around the corner on 2nd Avenue. Buffalo Exchange pays out 50% of THEIR selling price in store credit or 30% in cash.  So, for example, if I sell them a pair of used designer denim in a still-current silhouette, they're likely to tag them for about $20 - meaning, I'll take away only $6 from the sale. Keep in mind that items must be in season and on trend - I'll be taking in some boots and winter coats soon.

ICYMI, Abbi and Ilana from Broad City did a killer skit on selling at Beacon's Exchange (a competitor to Buffalo Exchange, for those of you non-New Yorkers) last season  - it's not to be missed: