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I swear, bloggers are taking over the world...or at least modern media these days. Exhibit a - Perez's VH1 show. Exhibit 2, er b - Diane, the lovely blogger at Bunnyshop, has written a book. No, that's not a typo...not a blog post or a newspaper article like SOME bloggers I know (me). An actual book. Said book is called Smart Girls Like Me (she's an arrogant one, that Diane...I kid, I kid) and it is garnering rave reviews from outlets like Nylon (who I just love). I suggest that you check out the synopsis here and grab a copy for yourself. Bloggers Rule! YAY!


Karinaxoxo said...

whoa - i come back from a few weeks holiday and Eye 4 Style has a new look =)
I like it!