Cheap Thrill - Old Navy Diva Jeans

A fabulously stylish friend of mine used to say, "It can't all be Dior." Ain't that the truth? Well, with jeans this great, I'll actually pass on the Dior. Old Navy's Diva Skinny jeans are my cheap fashion fix; I have them in four washes. My fave is Rinse, above, which is super clean and dark, easily dressed up or down. Best of all for us shorties (or the tall girls out there!), Old Navy jeans come in lengths UNLIKE the vast majority of designer denim brands. That means I save at least $8 on alterations and have instant style gratification (isn't it annoying to buy a fab new pair of jeans only to have to wait days to wear them while they're at the tailor?)

The Divas also come in Flare, Bootcut and Trouser styles but I can't attest to their fabulosity just yet. Check out the styles here - several are on sale now beginning at just $20.