Stylish Read - Juergen Teller in New York Magazine

New York Magazine's Spring & Fall Fashion Issues are required reading for those of us in the biz. The latest edition hit newsstands this Monday and is no exception. My must-read pick from the issue is a stellar feature on fashion photographer Juergen Teller.

Teller is perhaps best known for his collaboration with designer Marc Jacobs and *those* Victoria Beckham ads.(“She is like a product,” he tells the mag. “And she was in on the joke.”) For those curious about the photographer's raw aesthetic, he says:

“Most fashion photography is done by gay people finding women sexy,which is sort of not sexy at all, at least to a heterosexual man. She’s so retouched, so airbrushed, without any human response at all, and, well, you don’t really want to fuck a doll.”

What do you think?  Is most fashion photography sexy?

Check out the full feature here.