File Under: Very Important. Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Between celebrity sites and TV reality shows, we are constantly being bombarded with big name plastic surgeons. But what about the rest of us? How does an average girl without a Rodeo Drive Rolodex wade through the endless sea of practitioners to find the quality plastic surgeon for her?

The first key is in finding a cosmetic surgery professional who is board certified. Not every surgeon has it, but -- like a seal of approval -- board certification is proof that the surgeon you have chosen is trained to uphold modern standards and is well-qualified to practice his craft. The second key is in making sure that you and your surgeon see eye-to-eye. When you’ve found a potential surgeon, schedule a consultation and don’t be shy in asking questions and voicing concerns: it is crucial to your satisfaction (and your health!) to be in agreement on expectations and limitations for your potential surgery.

Do you see cosmetic surgery in your near future? Then start doing your homework and check out some proper board certified plastic surgeons today.

Image via LA

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