J.Crew Collection Store Launching

J.Crew's very expensive "Collection" will soon have a New York City home of it's own. Appropriately housed on the Upper East Side, the J.Crew Collection Store will open this October at 1035 Madison at 79th Street.

Expect to see artfully detailed pieces including the crazy Fontaine dress, above, which retails for $595.

What do you think?  Is J.Crew getting too big for its britches or would you drop that kind of money for non-designer goods?


May Kasahara said...

I don't expect to shop there. But, I'm excited to see how their window design compares to the other Madison Ave heavyweights.

I'll stick to the normal crack :)

BeautyChick101 said...

Don't you think this is just one more way that J. Crew is trying to copy Ralph Lauren? Not only are they naming their higher priced line exactly the same as RL's, but they're opening a mere 5 blocks from the RL flagship store!