Must Read: Rachel Zoe by Cintra Wilson in Blackbook

Blackbook recruited New York Times writer Cintra Wilson for a great interview with celeb stylist Rachel Zoe.  In it, Zoe says:

Sexiness should not be overt. Something shapeless that drapes across your hip, hangs off the shoulder; something that cowls in the front, drapes low in the back, that’s sexy. What I don’t think is sexy are boobs up to your chin, and slits up to here. One sexy element at a time.

I think she's on point, personally. Say what you will about her weight but the woman's got style and the celebrities that she works with generally look amazing.  And I'm just bananas for new Bravo series, The Rachel Zoe Project.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.  And don't forget to tune in to Bravo on Tuesday nights at 10pm for your Zoe fix.