New York Fashion Week, Christian Cota Spring 2009

For his Spring 2009 collection, designer Christian Cotaderived his inspiration from light - the light of springtime, early evening in Santorini and the light in the work of Renoir.

"There's no black in this collection," said Cota. "If you look at Renoir's work, all the shadow comes from playing colors against each other, so I work with print and embellishment and draping and layering to suggest the way the light shofts on objects, transforming them. Light is never just light. It's impression. It's illusion."

Shown at the Altman Building today, Cota's presentation was broken into three groups - whites, ivories and pastels to warm corals, oranges and pinks to cool blues and dusky violet.

The Do's:

  • A muted, ethereal color palette
  • Beautifully draped separates and dresses

The Don't's:

  • Peg legged, pleated, silk pants? Er, not particularly versatile.

The Bon Mot

Cota's designs were effortless chic and beautiful. We see big things for this young designer.