Behold: New Haircut by Paul Labrecque!

Long overdue, but I FINALLY had a haircut today at Paul Labrecque's new CORE location and the master himself was my stylist.  I know that a lot of chickies feel super protective of their hair but trust me when I say, I'm NOT one of those girls.  I firmly believe that when you're in the hands of an expert of Labrecque's caliber, you must, you must, you MUST let them have their way with you.

Paul (who was super funny and charming, by the way) freshened up the general shape of my hair and took off a few inches, leaving me with a sophisticated, face-framing cut that I am loving!

If you're curious about the new location...The CORE: Club is ultra luxe (Um, there was an actual Andy Warhol painting in the salon) and while the other amenites (private library, screening room, fitness studio, etc) are members-only ($60,000 yearly!), Labrecque's spa, salon and barbershop are open to all for appointments.

Cuts at Paul Labrecque start at $85. If you'd like to check out the salons or Paul Labrecque products, check out the site here.