First Impressions: Reebok EasyTone

Reebok's new EasyTone line of footwear aims to get a piece of the MBT & FitFlop market - shoes that challenge the muscles so that even when you're just standing or walking, your muscles are working harder.

Specifically, EasyTone uses balance pods built into the shoes to create a natural instability, much like walking on a sandy beach, that encourage toning in 3 key areas of the leg--your hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and calves. 


The problem with EasyTone (just like MBT or FitFlop) is that they're not particularly...attractive. I mean, despite all the "stylish" and "sleek" talk, these things made my feet look like "giant iridescent marshmallows" (to quote my pal Marina).

As I'm someone who's never seen in public wearing sneakers (with the rare exception of Converse All Stars), I think she was sincerely alarmed to see me arrive for brunch in them, in fact. (Are these ugly or am I just holding them to impossible standards? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.)

That said, I'll continue to test EasyTone for the next few weeks. During my initial trial walk in them, where I covered a good 2+ miles, the muscles in my feet and calves felt more challenged while still remaining supported.

Stay tuned for further updates and for more info about EasyTone, check out the Reebok microsite or shop Reebok at


ewalsh said...

Those are really ugly shoes. LOL

DinahRox said...

OMG...they're totally ugly. Even the other colors on their site.

eye4style said...

Wow! If it were possible for shoes to be uglier than Reebok EasyTone, Earth Footwear has accomplished it.

Brands - please remember not to comment spam my site. I WILL block your IP address....

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are just gross! OMG! Who on Earth ever thought that color combination was a good idea!?
Sooo, legs feeling worked, but what about your tush?