For the Love of (Fashion) Multiples

With all this talk of Octomom, my mind has turned to multiples lately.  Multiples of the fashion variety, of course.

I don't know about you but when I find an item that I love, I tend to stock up. This has some pluses and minuses.  While it's good to have multiples of staple items, if you buy too many, you risk looking the same everyday (which anyone who has seen me in a cardigan and long camisole can attest to.)

Here's a list of the multiples in my wardrobe currently:


  1. 25 Hanky Panky Thongs
  2. 12 J.Crew Cardigans (different colors/prints/styles)
  3. 10 Honeydew Mesh Boyshorts
  4. 5 DVF Wrap Dresses (various prints)
  5. 4 pairs of Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans
  6. 4 American Apparel Tri-Blend Deep V Tees
  7. 3 Pairs of Low Top Converse All Stars
  8. 3 Gap Ultimate Push Up Bras
  9. 2 J.Crew Eliza Camisoles
  10. 2 Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart Batwing Sleeve Sweatshirts
  11. 2 Louis Vuitton Speedy's (Used to be four but I recently sold a red Epi 25 and a Damier 25)
  12. 2 Pairs of Uggs

What fashion multiples have you succumbed to? Leave a comment and share!

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StyleIT said...

12 days of Dina's closet? ;)

Jesspgh said...

I love thinking about this and reading your multiples list! I have multiple pairs of flats in different colors (Tory Burch Revas-3 pairs, Marc by Marc captoes- 2 pairs). I have multiple cashmere cardigans by Cece in like 5 colors. I have two different mbmj dresses in each of the available colorways. I'm sure I have more than that.. scarves for example. And bras and underwear. And tshirts (like the american apparel deep v). Wow I never thought of my multiples list. But this is a great post idea!

sassychick said...

I'm guilty of owning multiple Old Navy tank tops that go under almost ever single sweater/shirt I wear.