Lather Up: Mani/Pedis at Lather Spa

It's tough to find a truly great mid-range spa in New York.  They're either run of the mill, run down, sub par and inexpensive or they're completely over the top and uber-pricey.

Lather Spa hits the perfect middle note.

Located conveniently on 57th Street in Midtown, this chic, clean haven boasts the only "Living Wall" in New York (above, it improves air circulation) and a relaxing waiting room (also above) replete with feel good snacks, including cheese, crackers and cookies.

Lather's manicure and pedicure stations are as close to private as you'll get in this city - they're roomy wooden booths, fully stocked with reading material and complete with Sex & the City episode-loaded mini-televisions.

A manicure will run you $30, while a pedi is $55. For a full menu of services, visit