Clinton Kelly Gets Clean (OxiClean, That Is...)

Me & Mr. Kelly.  While I am indeed short, he's also quite tall. So, keep that in mind before you call me a midget.

If you're an avid What Not to Wear watcher as I am, then you undoubtedly LOVE the charming and delightful Clinton Kelly. So, imagine my excitement when I was invited to an OxiClean event this week with the man himself.

At the event, Clinton and I bonded over our mutual (and sincere) love of OxiClean - he discovered it years ago after it removed a pesky chicken stain from his couch, while I relied on it to keep my white shirts pristine back in my waitressing days.

OxiClean is introducing a NEW product, on store shelves now. OxiClean MaxForce is formulated with four types of stain fighters to combat the toughest stains of all - grease, oil, grass and blood, among others.  The handy spray works on clothing but is powerful enough for upholstery or carpet issues too - simply spray on the stain until saturated, rub into the fabric, let stand for 5-10 minutes and then wash with detergent in the warmest water you can use. I'm lucky enough to have gone stain-free for the past couple of days (trust me, that's a rarity) but since I'm such a huge fan of the original OxiClean, I feel confident recommending it without a test run. Pick a bottle up for about $4 at your local drugstore.

Clinton gave me one great tip in particular that I wanted to pass along - after you've soaked your knits or cashmeres in OxiClean to handwash at home, rinse them and then try a dash of your favorite conditioner as a second soak. It'll add both fragrance and a nice softness to the fibers. You don't even need to rinse after the second soak!

If you have a great tip on handwashing, tell me in the comments!


StyleIT said...

I know zilch about handwashing - but your skin looks radiant!