Everyone in the POOL!

The POOL collection of swimwear is an aspiring or veteran bathing beauty's dream. Defying the usual cutesy, tropical prints and radioactive hues of most swimwear lines, POOL employs earthy colors, excellent construction, and innovative shapes that anyone (including this Lycra-phobe!) would kill to wear.

Every piece is unlined - instead, you'll find sturdy, double-faced fabric whose durability is evident the moment you see it on the hanger. The goal here is to prevent any bunching or pilling, to create classic pieces you can wear for several seasons - without looking like you're training for the Summer Olympics. Want to cannonball into the deep end without the fallout of an atomic wedgie? Inspired to plunge through a wave while keeping your decolletage to yourself? A POOL ensemble might be your best investment this season.

The wonderful, earthy colors are anything but muted. From rich aubergine to Amazon green, any skin tone is complimented by POOL's entire palette; and because each and every piece is without print, each and every piece is mix n' match-able - meaning you can create your dream swimsuit with any body. Classic bikini bottoms, little hipsters accentuated by ruched side-ties, and even a Forties-inspired swim "dress" are all simple, sweet foundations for the line.

As someone who has (ahem) rather difficult-to-fit breasts, I was especially excited about the incredible range of tops POOL has created. On first glance, the shapes seem traditional - bandeau, triangle, underwire, French. Upon inspection? A triangle shape that provides excellent side coverage, wearable by any size or shape. The sexy, wire-less French top adds a touch of glamour with petite gathers around the bosom; while the double-faced, reinforced construction of the sides of the piece offer gentle lift and perfect, stay-put coverage. For a lingerie-inspired look, the classic underwire top caught my eye - reminiscent of a classic Agent Provocateur brassiere, it's flawlessly designed to - are you ready? - NOT cut into the best part of your assets.

Look for me on the beach this summer - I'll be easy to spot, decidedly un-Baywatch-esque or parrot-like. And I won't be swimming with my elbows while clutching my breasts, desperately trying to save my top from swimming with the fishes. I'll be sexy and confident in POOL. And, with any luck - tan.

-Lalla Robinson, West Coast Contributor