Shiny Splendor: The Brazilian Blowout at Maria Bonita

As a gal with relatively straight hair (and a bit of texture - on a good day, with the right product), I've never had the opportunity to try any professional straightening treatments.  But since Brazilians know their beauty (seriously...have you seen Gisele?), there's a new service on the block - the Brazilian Blowout - and it's an an equal opportunity beautifier.

The Brazilian Blowout is a unique treatment that locks in insane shine and smoothness for four to eight weeks regardless of your original hair texture. I must admit that the treatment tried my patience - it's a two hour commitment that incorporates a special deep cleansing shampoo to open the hair shaft, a thorough (and I mean, THOROUGH) blow dry and flat iron.  Last but not least, you're re-shampooed, rinsed and given a final blowout.

When I left Maria Bonita, I was far from convinced. In fact, I was thinking, WTF. My hair is shiny, SURE.  It's straight, YES.  BUT WAS THIS WORTH 2+ HOURS OF MY TIME?  In short, yes.  I received no fewer than 10 compliments in the span of two hours. People thought I had a new cut, new color, they couldn't quite put their fingers on WHAT was different, they just knew that my hair looked amazing.

If you'd like for your hair to look amazing too, Brazilian Blowouts go for $300 a pop at Maria Bonita in SoHo. Results last for 4-8 weeks with the use of a no-salt shampoo (which you can take home from the salon.)

For an appointment, call 212.431.1520 or visit 


Felicia Sullivan said...

Your hair looks fabulous! Is this the Keratin treatment?

eye4style said...

Yes, it is! You need to try it!

Fashiongrail said...

I've always wanted to try that on my hair. Even with the best products my hair never looks as good as that.

Felicia Sullivan said...

Hmm...interesting. My stylist advised me (because of my hair type) against the Keratin full-on straightening treatment, but apparently there are a line of products that give a temporary straightening. So far, Phyto is the product to which all other products will be compared. It literally changed the texture of my hair - I'm STILL staring at it.

But, my god. You look AMAZING and a unicorn. I'm quivering over here.

thefashionbomb said...

Check out The Other Brazilian at Concept Salon NYC (1107 2nd Ave) !

azelle santa ana said...

I am a certified Brazilian Blowout Stylist at Salon Sessions in Pasadena, CA. This is an amazing treatment to get done. It truly does what it promises cuts blowdry time, removes frizz and adds a tremendous amount of shine! It is true to NOT get this mistaken with any other keratin like treatments