Shopping Dilemma: Bridal Season

It's rapidly approaching bridal season, which introduces myriad shopping dilemmas for women everywhere - whether you're the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid or simply a guest.

While I'm not the type of woman who dreams of my day walking down the aisle, bridal gowns are still the ultimate fashion fantasy (yes, even for me). I'm a HUGE fan of simple, classic silhouettes like the Galina Signature gown shown left (a relative steal at $800). It's feminine yet not too fussy and the shape is positively timeless. In short, a beauty.

Mother of the bride dresses are tricky too -moms want to look special (it's a big day for them as well!) but of course, the spotlight should remain on the bride.  A great choice is often a simple sheath dress in a beautiful, flattering color with a matching jacket.

Will you be attending any weddings this season - your own or otherwise?  If so, leave a comment and give us the scoop on your dress!


La Grande Dame said...

Ok, so I love wedding season - both because I am a newlywed AND because it is a chance to make all of my friends jealous with my choice of dress. For my plus sized friends - this is a challenge! Check out - we have some hot suggestions for the not so old mother of the bride and for wedding attendants. Have fun~catherine