A Timely Reminder: The Bubble Umbrella

It's raining cats, dogs, bunnies, mice and more in New York today.  Luckily, I had my trusty clear bubble umbrella to keep me dry. Not only do bubble umbrellas have a delightfully mod sort of appeal, they're also the ONLY umbrellas that never blow inside out and effectively keep the most important parts of me (breasts, that is...just kidding.  Obviously, I meant hair.) dry.

Mine is Nicole Miller but Urban Outfitters has this cute one, available now for just $18. Click here to buy.


Sarah Conley said...

Let's not pretend - dry boobs are important.

fashion herald said...

If i had breasts they'd be my most important part! but hair, too, is important.
And I love the bubble umbrella, I need to get one.

Alexis Campbell said...

I have a Nicole Miller umbrella as well and I love it! But, mine is cheetah and I got a zebra print one for my sister. Gotta love animal print ;)