Foot Saviors: Secrets to Making Shoes Comfortable

Like many women, I have a weakness for beautiful shoes that inevitably seem to kill my feet. So, along the way, I've created an arsenal of 'foot saviors' - products that make uncomfortable shoes a bit more bearable.

Tops on my list are Foot Petals. Available in several styles including Heavenly Heels, Amazing Arches and Killer Kushionz, these insoles add a bit of cushion and also function as shock absorbers. Not to mention - if you're a sale shopper (who isn't these days?) and snag shoes in a half size larger than your usual size, try adding inserts to make them feel up to a half size smaller.

Bliss Problem Salved 20-in-1 Wonder Balm is also a major foot savior for me - I always have this convenient 20-use product tucked in my bag. Simply swipe the handy dandy stick anywhere that you need blister protection and a need of moisture - try it on heels and the tops of feet, in particular.

Last but not least, in times of emergency (read: I already have a blister), I love Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions. These waterproof and cushioned gel pads stay put (even through a few days worth of showers) and heal blisters painlessly and quickly. Snag them at drugstores nationwide or via

What are you secret Foot Saviors? Tell me about them in the comments!



Cafe Fashionista said...

Due to the fact that my feet are still killing me from wearing a vicious pair of Mary-Jane's two days ago, I will definitely be looking into these products. Great post! :)

deborah wyatt said...

looking foward to...