Snap Judgement: Nivea Touch of Happiness Body Wash

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I'm in London for the week, so I took the opportunity to cram as many unused samples into my travel bag as possible. Since it's close to impossible to provide an in-depth review of a product after trying it just once or twice, I'll be calling this series of reviews "Snap Judgements."

First up is Nivea's Touch of Happiness Body Wash. Scented with orange blossom and bamboo, this shower gel delivers exactly what's promised - a quick rush of happy in the form of aromatherapy. The fragrance is amazing, while the texture of the product is silky and delivers lots of lather.

Stay tuned for more Snap Judgements throughout the week!



ClaireL. said...

Great idea on the samples! I love this shower gel - the thick formula works good for shaving your legs in a pinch.